- Marketing
- Pre-Press
- Press
- Post-Press
- Packing & Shipping


Our Marketing and Customer Service representatives form the link between the customer and the job process at Sree Ramana Process Pvt. Ltd.,. They bring to the table many years of practical knowledge and experience to ensure that all your inputs are understood and to find any potential problems and suggest solutions to avoid them.

They assist our customers in job estimation, make recommendations where necessary and constantly interface with them till the job is completed and delivered. In brief, they play the role of the customer's representatives in the organization.


The Prepress facility at Sree Ramana Process Pvt. Ltd., maintains the industry-standard  and uses the desktop applications including Quality Assurance. The Prepress team is well trained and is adept in high quality scanning, complex colour retouching and colour matching, fixing errors and fine-tuning.


Sree Ramana Process Pvt. Ltd., has set up state-of-the-art printing machines from Komori. They can print in Multi colors. Pictures of size  28.5’’ x 40’’ (724mm x 1016mm) can be printed.

Post- Press

We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs, apart from services like folding, binding, punching, etc.

Packing and Shipping

Automatic/Manual checks ensure the right quality and quantity of all jobs before they are packed and transported or shipped.

The completed printed product goes through many processes before it is okayed for transport. We ensure that it reaches you in the same pristine condition as it leaves our production line  by taking utmost care in packing it.

Corrugated boxes of 4/6-ply thickness and  cardboard boxes are used to pack your product . And the boxes are clearly labeled to ensure easy identification at your end.

We partner with all major shipping / logistics and so we can ship your product to your door throughout India and abroad. We can also despatch consignments by road or air as required.

Our Infrastructure